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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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IVR Made Simple

  • Send a Text Message
  • Route Calls
  • Text URL
  • Take a Message
  • Play a Greeting


Customer Interaction continues to get more complicated, but many existing phone systems are lacking the features needed in today's environment. There’s a better way. It’s simplified, robust and proven. With Hello Phoenix Cloud-Based IVR Solutions you can add new features to your existing phone service to provide those features that you are missing. We can build an IVR that fronts, or integrates with your current service.

We can cut costs by providing missing solutions to your telecom environment. Simple features such as IVR with Text Messaging can save your business a substantial amount of labor costs. You can send callers to specific web pages, online chat sessions, provide directions and online web forms and tools.

After Hours Messaging Services - From Call Routing to text messaging, our services are designed to eliminate complexity.


Online Portal

Our messaging service includes an online portal that you can access from any desktop or mobile device with an Internet connection. You will have complete control over your messaging features. Plus our messaging service is easy to deploy and manage so your users are always connected, wherever they go.

  • Timed Message Notifications
  • Web Portal
  • User Profiles


Inbound Call Management

Calls can be routed to phones on a timed basis. Users can choose how and when they would like to receive calls. Calls can be escalated in the event primary user isn’t available.

  • Timed Call Escalation
  • One Call user profiles
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Enhanced Voicemail with notification


Outbound Message Notification

From Voice notifications to SMS notifications our messaging service keeps your clients up to date with the latest information.

  • Manage and control timed greetings
  • Route calls to different menus or telephone numbers
  • Take Messages and get notified via phone, SMS or email
  • Schedule timed menus and call routes
  • Encrypted voicemail messages
  • Transcribe voicemail messages


Online Schedule Management

Our online portal delivers rapid, effective call management.

  • Manage IVR menus
  • Schedule greetings
  • On Call schedule management


Call Detail Reports

Call detail reports and workload by reviewing real-time data.

  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Message notification
  • Message retrieval

How it Works

Hello Phoenix is as simple – or as intricate – as you need us to be.

  1. 1) At a basic level, you choose a number (or keep your existing one), and your business calls are answered on the first ring, with options given to the caller. Calls are typically either forwarded (usually to cell phones), or a message is taken.
  2. 2) From there, it can branch in any direction you wish. We can add unlimited people, departments, and more. Distance or other logistics do not matter – we can make your remote team as accessible as they would be if they were all in-office.
  3. 3) A big advantage of our service is our secure web portal, where you can log in and easily control the entire system. You can even schedule how calls are received – up to a year in advance! For example, have 555-1212 go to Nick, except every other Thursday – those days Jan covers for him and automatically gets the call.
  4. 4) But the best part is that you control everything, and get the level of service you require. Whether you have one user or thirty, one department of seven, Hello Phoenix has exactly what you need.



CUSTOMIZATION – we can develop a custom solution for your industry-specific needs (like we’ve already done for physicians, realtors, and apartment complexes.)

“This is great – we sound like a large company with a bustling office!! Even Marco, our remote web guy, can be reached instantly if customers have a website problem. And on Thursdays, when he’s out, the system automatically routes web support calls to Steve instead”.

CUSTOMIZATION – we can develop a custom solution for your industry-specific needs (like we’ve already done for physicians, realtors, and apartment complexes.)


We’re about as feature-rich as it gets. Without you having to purchase any equipment.
  • Calls answered on first ring.
  • Unlimited People/Department options (press 1 for sales, 2 for service, etc.)
  • Forwarding – to whom you wish, how you wish.
  • Outgoing calls can be made with your company ID (nobody will know you are calling from your cell phone).
  • Local numbers, toll free numbers, and vanity numbers (555-CARS)
  • Music on hold (good music too - You can pick it if you want to!)
  • Advanced voicemail.
  • Voicemail to e-mail / fax / print.
  • Incredibly robust (yet simple to use) secure web portal. You can control forwarding, messages, and scheduling from any web connection.
  • Schedule call forwarding any way you wish – up to a year in advance!
  • 100% cloud based – no equipment for you to buy.
  • Two secure data centers in Arizona mean unrivaled uptime.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – we can develop a custom solution for your industry-specific needs (like we’ve already done for physicians, realtors, and apartment complexes.)



Hello Phoenix Virtual Phone System, Toll Free 800 Number, Manage Your Calls Online


Calls are routed how you wish. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Across town, or across the world.

Hello Phoenix can design a custom IVR solution to meet your business needs.

Examples of applications we have built for our customers:

  • Call Centers
  • Law Firms
  • Restaurants
  • Franchises
  • Utility Company Notification Service
  • Hospital New Consult Call Routing
  • Physician Office Urgent Call Routing
  • Apartment Communities Call Service
  • Call Routing for Lead Distribution
  • Emergency Notification Services
  • Real Estate Office Call Routing
  • Insurance Office Call Routing
  • Dispatch Services
  • Notification Service
  • Check In Line



Hello Phoenix can design a custom IVR solution to meet your business needs.

Price to be determined based on customer specifications.

Please contact a call management specialist for a quote at 844-444-4100.

And from there, we can go as far as you need to go in additional options, and yes, we can program you a custom IVR that handles the exact way you do business. Talk to us today to get started


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Hello Phoenix is one of the nation’s leading business communications service providers. Hello Phoenix has been in business since 2004, and has earned a reputation as being an innovative, reliable communications partner for call centers, healthcare providers, and corporate entities across the country.